Residential Installations

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Jim "J.T." Smith - Owner/Operator

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"When installing ductwork in new houses, we install oval pipe and fittings in the walls. This eliminates the need to "box in" the ductwork. By using this advanced distribution system, we eliminate the restrictive angles that typical rectangular wall ducts have on airflow."

"In order to make a house a comfortable place to live, you need to take special care in selecting and placing registers. For nearly all installations, diffusers are the preferred choice. They provide the least drafty environment and allow you to place furniture in front of them. Allowing a two-inch gap between your walls and furniture, a baseboard diffuser is barely noticeable. But due to its very design, the supply air will easily blanket the outside walls with conditioned air."

"We have installed systems outside the State of Virginia too. One installation is at my sister Randy's house in Warwick, New York. We have another installation at a house in Montauk, Long Island. We also installed an air conditioning system at my parent's house in Hawthorne, New Jersey. The pictures of my parent's outdoor unit and me installing it are pictured here. Notice the durability of Ruud™ products. Even my 180 pounds has no effect on its strength."

"Being careful to not allow dirt to enter the freon tubing, I start to silver solder the new copper lines to the Ruud™ air conditioning unit. Once the solder is applied, I will quickly cool off the hot copper with water. Over-heating these connections will damage the seals in the units brass valves. The valves are located about two inches from my torch flame."

"Having finished the wiring hookups, I started the new unit. I checked the freon pressures and found the system to be performing properly. Time to put the cover back on the unit and go in and enjoy the air conditioning!"

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